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Illustration by Julia Heffernan

Illustration by Julia Heffernan


Andrea Allen

Helping Vimeo grow from 13 to over 200 employees, and fostering a beloved community of millions of creators and viewers has given me a unique insight into the online video world.

My absolute favorite thing is taking a great idea and making it something people watch and love and even share with their mom. 

As head of Vimeo's in-house production team I oversaw, directed, and executive produced all Vimeo branded content from 2010-16.

I founded and co-hosted the Vimeo Podcast which highlighted and spotlighted Vimeo's Staff Picked creators. I also oversaw the educational and live event aspect of Vimeo's Share the Screen program which aimed to foster gender equality in the film industry.

August 2017 I became Program Director at - an innovative online film school aiming to provide high-quality, project and mentor based education at a fraction of the cost of traditional film schools. 





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