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I take videos, communities, and friends seriously, but never myself 

photo by Kevin Wildt

photo by Kevin Wildt


Andrea Allen

Helping Vimeo grow from 13 to over 200 employees, and fostering a beloved community of millions of creators and viewers has given me a unique insight into the online video world.

My absolute favorite thing is taking a great idea and making it something people watch and love and even share with their mom. 

When I was head of Vimeo's in-house production team I oversaw, directed, and executive produced all Vimeo branded content such as Vimeo Video School Series, product marketing and site demos, fun Vimeo HQ videos, and on-site reporting and event coverage.

I founded and co-hosted the Vimeo Podcast which highlighted and spotlighted Vimeo's Staff Picked creators. I also oversaw the educational and live event aspect of Vimeo's Share the Screen program which aimed to foster gender equality in the film industry.

In my time as director of community and support, I hosted meet-ups, programmed screenings, led educational workshops, and interfaced with the Vimeo community on countless occasions. I'm regularly invited to be on the jury for film festivals, moderate Q&As and speak on panels.






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